Sunday, February 19, 2017

Home Study Wrap Up + More | Reece's Rainbow

There's been a lot of progress made since my last blog! We had our final home study visit with our social worker, and it went pretty well! Our social worker is working on the write up for that right now, then our umbrella agency has to approve it all, and then we will be ready to submit it to USCIS for our immigration approval! Aside from that, our paperwork is ready to be sent to apostille (some things are at apostille right now, actually) and then submitted! We are really making huge progress and wrapping things up here, stateside!

I'm going to be honest about something weighing on me, though. Our social worker will only approve us for one child. I haven't shared publicly our desire to adopt two, but it was something we discussed with our social worker. Unfortunately our agency has a blanket statement for not approving the adoption of two unrelated children at the same time. She did hear us out, and really seemed to understand our desire, but ultimately the answer was a no. I'm not going to lie, it really hurt. With the rejoicing in the approval for us to proceed with "Mila's" adoption came some grieving for another child we can't adopt right now. And while I definitely do understand the agency's reasoning, and I won't pretend to believe that adopting two children at once (specifically two children with special needs) would be easy, I'll say that it's very, very difficult to recognize the enormous need, and only be able to bring home one. There is just so much work to be done. Millions of orphans all around the world need homes. Some have huge need for medical attention. Some are starving. Others are being abused and neglected and ultimately there just aren't enough people who are willing to say "yes." And so it did sting, that we are so very willing, but can only bring home one. But what it boils down to is God is sovereign over this. I prayed and prayed that He would open the door for us to be able to adopt two children, if that were His will for our family, and the door remained closed.  So while He didn't open this particular door, I will praise His great name in the hallway, for He has opened many more.  He said no to a second for our family right now. But He has said yes over and over for Mila. <3

In other news, the ball is rolling! We have several local fundraisers coming up. Restaurants doing fundraising nights for us and donating proceeds.  I'm really excited for that! Even in this, it's obvious to me how God has orchestrated so many things to come together for His plan for "Mila." People I didn't even know just a few months ago have gone out of their way to help us, from fundraising at restaurants to selling clothing in a consignment shop on our behalf. It's truly incredible! I had no idea, when we were looking to buy our house, that even the home we bought would be a part of God's plan for us and for Mila, to connect us with so many people who would be a part of this journey. God is so good!

Please continue to pray for us as we raise money for in-country expenses, which is the bulk of our need! We are so close to wrapping things up on this side of her adoption, but the need on the other side is great. I have absolute faith that it will all come together, because it's been evident in every step of this process that God is on the move. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to serve Him and witness His miracles for our daughter-to-be!

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