Monday, March 6, 2017

Update | Reece's Rainbow

As usual, lots of things are going on at once, in our efforts to bring "Mila" home! Our home study is wrapping up quickly, with a draft having been sent to our Hague oversight agency. Soon the edits will be finished, and a completed copy of our home study will be sent to join our forms already at the USCIS office. We are on the road to getting immigration approval which is a huge step that finalizes our stateside adoption efforts! BIG news!

In other stateside news, our dossier is mostly ready to be sent to apostille! We need the final home study after edits to get it apostilled, along with our agency license, but most of our paper chase (on this side of the ocean) has come to an end! Soon we won't have anything to do but wait on travel dates, apply for adoption grants, and fundraise our little tails off!

Speaking of fundraising, there is so much going on there! 1) The local consignment sale is finished, and our sweet friend raised roughly $190 for our family, which she's going to be offering as a matching grant, so that's a huge help! So thankful for her willingness to serve our family in that way, though she's committed to another family as their "warrior." She has such a servant's heart! 2) Tonight we have a much anticipated fundraiser at a local steak house, which is excellent news!  We love, love, love the family that's doing this for us, and truly believe God will bless their efforts, both for "Mila's" adoption and in their own family. They have such wonderful, giving hearts! Truly beautiful people.  3) I'm back to selling things in my own little small business, Heart to Home Organics. I've been fortunate to be able to bless other adopting families through this small business in the past, and I'm so glad that God has provided the opportunity to add to our own adoption funds in this way, now! 4) I'm in talks with a local photographer who is generously offering to do mini shoots as a fundraiser for us! And 5) Another generous friend is selling vehicle decal stickers to donate proceeds to us!  These are $7 and will only cost a stamp to ship, and you can fill our her Google Doc to place an order HERE. 5) LOVING CUP TEAS is offering 10% off with code WELCOMEMILA and 25% of sales with this code will be donated to us!

We continue to be so amazed and thankful for the generous, loving people God has placed in our lives and who are helping us bring our daughter out of the orphanage and into her forever family!  We look forward to meeting "Mila" this summer, giving her a new name and a new title that is of beloved, wanted, forever cherished DAUGHTER and SISTER and orphan no more! Thanks for following us on this journey!

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