Monday, March 20, 2017

Exhausting & Emotional - An Adoption Story | Reece's Rainbow

We are getting close, and things are wrapping up. The bulk of our dossier came back from the apostille last week, and will be sent overseas to be translated, later this week.  We got our FBI background checks in the mail, and they'll be on their way to DC tomorrow. And our homestudy came in last week, too, so we are able to apply for grants and get our homestudy apostilled and translated! Today we got letters from immigration, giving us a date and time to go get our biometrics fingerprinting done, so we can get approval from USCIS soon! Yes, things are wrapping up and coming to a close for us on this side of the ocean.  And I'm relieved!

Fundraising is creeping along. Honestly I'm struggling with it. On the one hand, I know that God is going to provide. He will see us through this, and I trust Him. But my sinful, human nature spends many nights stressing the dollar signs, and knowing how much more we need to raise to afford to bring "Mila" home. I'm praying over these grant applications. Praying God gives me the words to convey our need and our desire to love and parent this child. And I'm just going to let it go. I'm going to apply to every grant I can, do my best with fundraising, and know that He is in control. God loves "Mila," He knows every hair on her precious little head, and He will not forsake us. He's got this!

We had a birthday party this past weekend for two of my sons.  It was bittersweet, because I couldn't stop thinking about how our sweet girl has never had a mother to make her a cake, never blown out candles. She's never been celebrated. I don't even know her birthday, only the year! I can't wait to know her birthday. I can't wait to know everything about her, to make her a cake, to wrap gifts that were bought specifically with her in mind, and to be her mother for as long as I live.

I'm feeling all the feels tonight. Just looking forward to my girl. <3

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