Friday, May 12, 2017

SUBMITTED | Reece's Rainbow

Yesterday, I saw the most beautiful word above our beautiful girl's face: SUBMITTED!

After months of paperwork, background checks, homestudy, thousands of dollars and no telling how much sweat, blood, and tears (okay, really minimal amounts of blood, lol!), we are officially submitted to the government in her country, registered as pre-adoptive parents, and only waiting for a phone call to travel!  Honestly, it's only been 5 1/2 months since we made the commitment to adopting "Mila" and we managed to pull off being submitted exactly one month and one week before our dossier would expire, so we've made excellent time! Some days it feels like it's been incredibly fast! Other days, it just drags, waiting for her to be home.  But soon!

In other news, on Tuesday I got a call that we had received two matching grants through Lifesong! (<--clickable link) Chosen & Dearly Loved and Orphan Care Alliance BOTH offered us $3,500 matching grants! This is INCREDIBLE news and, if met, would put us fully funded! We have an online auction coming up, set to begin on Sunday, and I really anticipate that generating a lot of funding, but I'm also working hard for every dollar toward our grant, making fudge.

Just about every night after my kids are in bed, and often during the day, when the opportunity arises, you can find me in the kitchen, stirring a pot of fudge. What started as an idea from my 12 year old son, hoping to generate a little adoption money, ended up being an enormous success too much for his preteen ability. He helps when and where he can, particularly with packaging and cutting Oreos, but I am absolutely happy to step in and make batch after batch of delicious, homemade fudge every night to go toward our adoption - which is especially fruitful with this matching grant!

We are submitted expedited, so we know "The Call" will come in the next few weeks. When exactly that will be, I don't know. The only thing consistent in her country is that nothing is consistent, so I can only make guesses and then re-evaluate later. But until the call comes and we are told to travel, I will be fundraising my tail off, making fudge and doing anything I can to meet the matching grants.\

If you want fudge, let me know! ;) 

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