Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Community | Reece's Rainbow

I just have to share this because it's really on my heart. Yesterday our social worker asked us about "community." Not where we live, but a community of friends and family around us who care for our family and support our adoption process, and whom we can count on to love and care for us and "Mila" once she's home.
We have that.
Honestly we have lived in this city for only two months and at least three or four of the people in mind as our "community" are local to our new home. Isn't that incredible? I feel like the Lord really went before us and prepared and ordained every step of us buying our house exactly where we did, so that we would meet the people we've met. But they aren't the only "community." There are many people in our lives who love our family so well. Whether that means sharing clothing your kids have outgrown, helping out with fundraising, offering to keep kids while we attend appointments to meet dossier requirements, or just simply asking how things are going and letting us know you are thinking of/praying for us, this community built around "Mila's" adoption is absolutely immeasurable in value to us.
So, yes, we have a "community." Mila has a community.That sweet girl doesn't even know we exist yet, but she is loved beyond measure, prayed for daily by many mouths, and faithfully cared for, to prepare her way home.
So thank you, to each of you who are a part of our community. I hope there comes a time when we can return to favor and be more on the giving end of things, but for now we are more thankful than I think many of you realize, for your love and support while we go through to process of bringing "Mila" from orphan to daughter. I had no hesitation at all in telling our social worker that "Mila" will have community here, when she's home. She is already so well loved.

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