Monday, January 23, 2017

Weight Lifted | Reece's Rainbow

After two months of gathering paperwork, filling out forms, having medical visits for the eight of us and our two dogs, and waiting on background checks to come in, today we finally met with our social worker to begin the home study process.  Let me tell you, I cleaned my house like the Queen of England, herself, was coming! I mean, really, this lady is more important to me. No offense to the Queen, I'm sure you're lovely, but this lady is key in bringing "Mila" home, so... LOL.

Wouldn't you know, she just barely stuck her head in the boys' bathroom? I spent DAYS cleaning. You could LICK THEIR FLOOR, People. She just glanced in.  I'm all, "Hey, let's pull back the shower curtain! What's that? The tile is FLAWLESS?! I'm so glad you noticed!" Hahaha!

But anyway, our social worker was quite nice, and we had a wonderful discussion regarding Mila, Robbie and my families, she met our children, walked our home, and all of that wonderful, normal stuff.  And in the end, I was completely over-stressed out about today's visit, for absolutely no reason.  Robbie and I are good parents with a safe home with adequate space, sufficient income, and clean bills of health and background checks.  I just tend to be an over-thinker, by nature.

Also, I have a three year old, and you never know what might come out of his mouth. Ha!

In other adoption news, our dossier packet #1 is (back) at the apostille today!  It was sent once before and promptly returned, which led us to the discovery that our state requires each document to be county certified before apostille. After getting that finished, it's once again back at the apostille, delivered this morning. Big day, between the home study and the apostille!  Hopefully these dossier documents will be back shortly -apostilled this time- and we can send them to her country.  Finally!

We are so eager to bring Mila home! Right now we are focusing on completing the educational portion of our home study, which includes some videos, books, and Hague education.  We're still trucking along with our dossier, as well, and getting grants ready to be sent out once the home study is complete.  It's a lot.  It's often overwhelming.  But it's bringing us closer to our girl, so we just keep right on!

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