Monday, January 16, 2017

Got Coffee? | Reece's Rainbow

We are making progress toward bringing "Mila" home! It often seems painstakingly slow, but then I look back and see how far we've come in the six weeks since we made our commitment to her, and it seems like a lot is getting done! I guess adoption really is a lot like a "paper pregnancy" in that it seems to go by so quickly for everyone except for the mama. :)

We have our first dossier papers at the apostille right now, hopefully back this week, and then another adoptive mother is bringing them in country with her, when she travels later this month. That feels like a big step, and it's so exciting to know that something with our name on it will actually, finally be in our daughter-to-be's country!  This week we will be working on more dossier papers, and getting them sent out to the apostille, as well.  If it sounds boring and repetitive, well, sometimes it feels that way.  Sign, notarize, get approved, apostille, send out. Repeat. :) But it's all several small, baby steps closer to bringing her home.

Fundraising! As the title of this post hinted, I've got a coffee fundraiser going on right now! I'm really excited to announce that we have teamed with Just Love Coffee, and a percentage of each purchase using our link will be donated toward the cost of "Mila's" adoption. There are lots of great options, too! We love coffee in this house, so I love this fundraiser that really fits us, haha!

This week I'll be working in Rosie and "Mila's" room, sanding and painting a dresser to put in there.  I really just can't wait to fill it up with clothing for "Mila!" At some point recently, it really hit me, how profoundly sad it is that no clothing has ever been bought specifically for her.  I honestly can't even fathom that.  The things we take for granted over here on this side of things, right?  When she leaves the orphanage, we will be changing her clothes first, because this sweet girl is not entitled to even the clothes on her back. Not that I want them! I'm more than eager for her to leave behind her orphan status and everything associated with it, and step into the role waiting for her, as wanted and cherished daughter and sister.  But goodness, it breaks my heart, how this sweet girl has never worn a dress that someone bought because they wanted her to have it.

So thankful her story doesn't end in that orphanage. So thankful our own story includes her, in the future. I'm looking forward to the chapter where her story meets my own. <3

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