Friday, January 20, 2017

Slow and Steady | Reece's Rainbow

We are still making slow and steady progress toward bringing "Mila" home.  There's so much to be done and sometimes I really start to worry about the funding, but I'm choosing to believe that God's hand is all over this adoption, He loves "Mila" even more so than we do, and this is not only for her good and ours, but for His will and glory.  It's going to be okay.

Yesterday we found out that our dossier costs will be exactly double what we'd expected.  Our first dossier packet was returned to us from the apostille, not apostilled.  Apparently our state is one of only a few that require county certification of notarized documents before they're apostilled, and that fee is equal to the apostille fee, meaning we pay double for every single sheet we send out.  And there are a lot, lol.  Our passport document alone is ten pages, and just a small portion of our dossier.  Today we will be finishing with the county certifier the returned paperwork, and getting those sent to the apostille once again.  A small hiccup, but we will be right back on track soon.

I have spent the past couple of days in the bedroom that will belong to "Mila," sanding and painting her dresser, Two of our other children also share that bedroom, for now, so I've had to rearrange everyone's clothing to prove to our social worker that there is adequate room for our Eastern European Princess and all that she will require. The whole family got involved with chipping away at the old paint and sanding!  Our three year old son was so proud of himself, and kept saying how he's going to be a big brother again. We are all so excited!

"Mila's" bed is set up and waiting for her, and she has a few articles of clothing in her dresser.  Reality is setting in, and it's wonderful! Though I'm collecting a few things for her now, I intend to get much more after we have met and I know more about what size clothing she'll need.  We have decided to make two trips to her country rather than one long stay.  Because "Mila" has physical needs to which we do not yet know the extent, Robbie and I feel that making two trips will give us a chance to better prepare our home for her, before she's living here.  At that point we'll also better know any more needs we have, such as clothing but maybe more, and can share with our family and friends who are eager to be able to help out.  We've been truly blessed with lots of people who love our girl already!

I think that's all for now!  There's really a lot of "behind the scenes" work going on with the dossier, but there's just not a lot to tell.  It's the paper chase!  We are hurrying along. :)

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